Let's get your medical team effective!  The medical space has very unique challenges and by helping you form the right team, develop the right leaders and influencers, so that your group can succeed and see results. We specialize in making teams & plans more effective on a global basis for commercial, sales and research space.  

There are several obstacles to make sure a project gets done:

  • Understanding the leadership of your team
  • Providing the right tools for communication so that your team functions for the best performance, including the communication flow between players, including Sponsors, CROs, Investigators, physicians & other partners
  • Ensuring good training
  • Identifying challenges through good feedback
  • Creating projections & strategies for pre-market milestones
  • Providing clear management objectives
  • Following proper procedures, monitoring & compliance

Whether it's problem solving to uncover why your team is not working, or how to make sure your plan is in place, or whether it is logistics and/or cultural issues, vetting your team, improving patient enrollment , better training, or helping with  special populations, Farmacon can plan & execute a tailored solution to get the job done.

Past results:

-Hired, trained & managed the right team so targets were met early in a major Phase 3 Global trial
-Provided training to key doctors which increased enrollment in a Rare Disease project by 50%
-Implemented logistical patient support which guaranteed patient retention in three major Phase 3 global trials
-Site selection training which allowed for faster enrollment while maintaining quality of data

We create value that:

-Identifies problems
-Innovates options
-Implements solutions

By developing solutions for medical companies,  measurable outcomes can be achieved.  In particular, we specialize in being enrollment detectives to rescue studies with the right enrollment management, bringing the best strategy and talent to the project. Farmacon, a boutique CRO and consulting group, can help.

DIA survey - Enrollment challenges June 28, 2016