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  • Strategies to rescue and/or plan enrollment for studies, with a special focus in Latin America
  • Training for team effectiveness, including training referral doctors, investigator meetings, and lunch and learn regional meetings
  • Implementation of key tools for better enrollment, e.g., referral doctor networks, call centers, training videos, digital marketing
  • Lessons Learned to ensure your program is moving into next phase


Training Videos

Farmacon has experienced consultants that have supported hundreds of clinical trials of all types, and have amassed practical knowledge in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, especially in the rare disease space. Below is a snippet of one of them. 

More than 80% of all clinical trials do not meet critical milestones, and more than 50% of sites don’t enroll a single subject, thereby increasing costs of the study and delaying data capture. For each day a clinical trial is delayed, this costs a trial sponsor $8 million USD per day. In addition, only 1 in 5,000 drugs being tested make it to human testing and gets approved. Not very great odds.